Write Evergreen Content to Ensure Your Customers are Always Engaged

By Elisa Kownacki

Tuesday, November 9th 2021

Out of all the marketing tactics and methods, blogging has some of the greatest potential as long-lasting content for your website. When thinking about where content should live, consider your website as the heart of your company; it is where people go to learn more about your business and what it offers. Though social media is an excellent way to build a following and showcase the products or services you provide, social media posts have largely short-term impact, whereas blog articles that live on your website create a pivotal location for customers to discover information and engaging topics for years to come.

Customer Benefits

Blog articles and similar content directly benefit your customers and clients. A regularly updated blog that is hosted in a centralized location on your website makes your business more accessible to those seeking your products or services. Customers will always know where to find any updates, information, or topics you want to make available to them, and if you post frequently, they will know they can return regularly for the latest insight. While we are big proponents of social media as an excellent way to showcase products and interesting pieces in an exciting and engaging way, it can be difficult to reach all of your audiences, and to cut through the noise and stand out from your competition and all of the other posts in people’s newsfeeds. With website blogs, your content is in an organized place, where its shelf life will last much longer than a social media post.

Customers will continue to seek out your services from consistent and informative content created on your website. Blog posts are valuable resources for educating and conveying important information on your business and trade. Current and prospective customers will respond well to your blog, which will help position you as an industry leader.

Increase Traffic to Your Website with Evergreen Blog Content

By making blogs a priority for your business, you will drive viewing traffic to your site. A blog is certainly a great place to share date-sensitive news about your company or organization, but there is another type of content that can provide even more value in terms of endearing your business to customers and prospective customers. Evergreen content is the term used to describe content that is not time or date sensitive and can be considered informative and valuable whenever it is viewed. Evergreen content can be shared multiple times and on different platforms because it remains topical and useful as time passes.Strategically planning and curating your blog topics blog around “evergreen” subject matter will help you stay relevant to audiences both at the time of posting the blog article, and well into the future. Once your evergreen content is optimized for search, it can help direct a prospective customer to your website when they are searching a subject or question related to your industry, regardless of whether your blog was written a week ago or months ago.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It's easy to assume that any well-written, insightful blog article you post to your website will attract new readers, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Without properly positioning your post for search engines through a science known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even the most beautifully written blog might not generate much online traffic. So what is the best way to tackle this issue? Foremost, knowing or researching the keywords and phrases your viewers are looking up is key. Include those essential words in a meaningful and strategic format where readers will feel engaged in the material. This process will give your business a better chance of being found online.

By gaining an understanding of what questions your customers are seeking to answer, you can help make sure search engines like Google are ranking your posts highly and sending the correct people to your website. More views of course means more potential to win over new customers and earn the loyalty of existing customers.

Website Blogs as Framework for Social Platforms

Social media posts can be a creative method to engage your audience, but it is not always easy to find something insightful or interesting to share on your social media feed. The blogs you publish on your website are good material to share on your social pages, because they provide depth and insight that goes beyond basic short-form posts, and they drive viewers from your social media accounts to your website.

Blog Support Tailored To Your Business

At Nearby Creative, we’re experts in blogging, planning out user-friendly topics, and search engine optimization. Our team is made up of creative thinkers and talented writers, who create content that your audience can relate to and is relevant to your business, ensuring the highest-quality product. We’ll collaborate with you to produce material to hone in on what makes your brand stand out as an industry leader.