How to Leverage Social Media (LinkedIn, Meta, TikTok) to Provide B2B and B2C ROI

By Elisa Kownacki

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021

Where does your business stand on social media? Because if you’re not posting on social platforms, or if you’re not using the correct platforms for reaching your target markets or demographics, you may be missing out on profitable content marketing methods. Social media platforms allow your audience to engage with you and your content and highlight exciting news and information your company specializes in. Creative posts bring authenticity and give a unique voice to your business that can endear you to your customers and prospects in real time. Through effective social media management, you can bring awareness to your company and build a premium reputation.

Creative Strategy

Content marketing plays a big role in developing posts for social media. Different businesses will want to promote different sorts of content, so not every social platform or style of post is one size fits all. Knowing your audience and customers are major factors when marketing online. What is it they’re looking for, what appeals to them, and what other similar companies are they following as well? The right posts on the right platforms will boost your brand and reputation as a top competitor in your field.

One of the best ways to utilize social media is to promote what products or services that your company provides. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are outlets where you can feature unique offerings and easily inform customers of exciting news they might not know about unless they frequented your website. By creating attention-grabbing posts about what your company does and any new opportunities or resources available to your customers, your followers on social media will be more inclined to visit your website in order to see those changes, improvements, and developments.

Hashtags in your posts are an excellent asset to implement. Quickly and efficiently reach your followers and even possible new followers. When you include a hashtag in a post that is relevant to your topic, social media users can organically find your posts when they search by hashtags and whatever you tag will be available to see on Instagram's hashtag page. You can simply look at what hashtags in your wheelhouse are trending and see which ones are most relevant to your business and followers.

Incorporate Images

Build your brand by incorporating images into your posts along with text. A picture really is worth a thousand words, in the sense that pictures are appealing to followers. It’s more likely that someone scrolling through social media will stop to look at a photo or video with text than just text alone. Images help break up longer text as well as help further convey messages you’re portraying. There’s also the higher potential for people to share visual posts, and more shares bring about better brand awareness.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Social media is a way for you to give your business a voice and an identity. Are there interesting facts about your business that your customers might not be aware of or isn’t stated specifically on your website? Social posts give you the advantage of telling your audience traits that aren’t well known. Anything from what your company is doing and learning to getting a behind the scenes look into the business can connect to your audience. People relate to people, not to labels and organizations.

Customer Service and Loyalty

Relevant and evocative posts drive customer loyalty. Social media posts enable customers and followers to like, share, comment, or share, and the more online interaction they have access to, they will remain committed to your brand through social exchanges.

Not only does social media foster followers to interact with each other and to engage in your posts, it also makes it easier for you to communicate with customers. Many requests and questions are done online, and investing in your online tools to represent your customers’ questions and concerns forms lasting connections to your brand. Social media is equipped to let you handle customer needs quickly and directly interact with the appropriate personnels.

Interact with Your Followers

The new frontline of customer service and customer experience is your ability to interact with customers on social media. Respond to comments or questions in a timely fashion, in a way that is convenient and appropriate for your audience. Another noteworthy aspect is how your business replies to aggressive or unwelcoming comments online. Address any unpleasant messages by maintaining a dignified tone. A more logical and respectful approach will not only stop any rude commenters, but also shows your  credibility and professionalism.

What Platform is Right for You?

With so many platforms to choose from, and it seems like more are being created every day, it’s difficult to decide which one is the best fit for your business. Different social media platforms offer your audience unique insights about your brand.

LinkedIn is a great hub for networking and showing your company as a leading, innovative industry that promotes trust in followers. Another great platform is Facebook, where you can easily share basic information and updates. Provide quick and efficient customer support by being able to directly communicate with your followers and potential customers who express questions or comments. Got an interesting picture related to your business that you want to share with your audience? Post it to Instagram! People are more likely to stop and look at pictures, and it’s an excellent way to connect with customers, bringing a more personal side to brand awareness. Though Twitter has a character count and is mainly used for briefer posts, easily share content with a large audience. You can promote new products, blog posts, encourage traffic to your website through concise posts.

Platforms like Snapchat and TikTok may be less content heavy, but are still useful to a wide range of users. Similar to how Instagram promotes brand awareness through picture sharing, Snapchat and TikTok work well for video marketing. These platforms are reasonably accessible for businesses to make videos for their followers. Targeted ads are also a unique feature, especially for Snapchat, where you can create specific filters to showcase your brand.

Trust Your Social Media Strategy and Deployment to Us

The Nearby Creative team is here to help you with your social media strategy and deployment. Our content creatives are skilled at developing a marketing strategy that works for your business. We not only research trends, but familiarize ourselves specifically with your company and target audience to build the best strategy for you. By immersing ourselves in your industry and brand, we curate an authentic voice for your brand, establishing a unique aesthetic to schedule posts and respond to comments and direct messages.