About Us

At Nearby Creative, our goal is to provide our clients—startups, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies—with premium technology and marketing services, on-time and on-budget. Our in-house team upholds the highest standards for planning and execution. Creative thinking and creative problem-solving is at the heart of all our work.
We provide startups, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies with premium tech and marketing services, on-time and on-budget.

Our Purpose

Let's Create A Better World, Together

Our purpose is to create a better world for those who work with us, for those who work for us, and for those around us.

We dream of a better world that is built on trust and rooted in resilience. Overcoming challenges and solving problems are at the core of our offerings because it's what we believe in. Our dream is to create a fruitful life for our employees and affect massive change on a global level. We aspire for unmatched balance, benefits, and benevolence, and it all starts here.

How We're Different

Technology Mastery

Technology stands for our engineering arm. Our team transforms your requirements into custom products and solutions with infrastructure setup, cloud migrations, and full-stack development. Our bread and butter is consulting on best practices, augmenting staff, and engaging as your CTO to ensure execution. Read more about our development process.


Marketing Finesse

Marketing stands for our communications and press arm. Our writers and creatives manage owned, earned, and paid advertising strategies and engage in multichannel execution to target your audiences and stakeholders. We bolster our marketing capabilities with multimedia services such as photo and video. Read more about our branding and messaging process.

Why Choose Us


Deep-Dive Understanding

In our discovery process and beyond, we take the time to fully understand your pain points, key performance indicators, and goals. Whether you are building a product to generate income or attracting business in a new business line or vertical, we're here to support your efforts with our technology and marketing services. Your growth is our top priority.


Strength in Staffing

You'll benefit directly from our flex strength in staffing. Our flexible staffing model and access to world-class talent allows us to act as pinch-hitting consultants when you are in a bind, and full-time equivalents when your goals align with trajectory or burn rate. We keep top talent around in times of required scaling on projects. We manage our talent so you can focus on results and growth.


Problem-Solving Tactics

We understand that not every issue has a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll appreciate our unique methodologies and ability to quickly resolve tasks, and provide innovative solutions that drive results. Our strategies generate creativity and collaboration through cross-disciplinary efforts. By recognizing your projects various components, we can assure any endeavor is successful.

Partners For Your

Fortune 500 Company

We solve important technology and marketing challenges so you can focus on your primary product and service offerings. Over the years we have seen how important it is for businesses, enterprises, creative agencies, and VC-backed startups alike, to have strong technology and marketing partners. That's where we come in—as T-shaped experts in our fields we augment teams and establish value at every stage of business lifecycles.

Specialized Talent

Targeted Approach

You benefit from our decades of specialized expertise in engineering, operations, design, and marketing.

Past Performance

Well-Known Clients

We are trusted consultants who have experience working with Fortune 500 companies and name brands across the US.

Stateside Proximity

US-Based Presence

All of our team members reside in the US, and our proximity makes us a solid choice in terms of availability.

Meet The Talented Nearby Team

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Tim Colbert

Tim Colbert


Chris Page

Chris Page

CTO & Founder

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon

VP, Creative

Eli Carrington

Eli Carrington

VP, Design

Erik Thomas

Erik Thomas

Director of Engineering

Aaron May

Aaron May

Multimedia Specialist

Elisa Kownacki

Elisa Kownacki

AM, Content Specialist

Brittany Gray-Ridgeway

Brittany Gray-Ridgeway

Sr. Project Manager

Lucas VanGombos

Lucas VanGombos

Sr. UX Researcher

Michael Berger

Michael Berger

Finance Director

Matt O'Donnell

Sr. Cloud Architect

Tony Carra

Sr. Cloud Architect

Patrick Bowman

Sr. Solutions Architect

Megan McGregor

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Nick Villaume

Sr. Software Engineer