Nearby Creative is a full-service agency providing engineering, branding, marketing & communications, and leadership capabilities.

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Specialized Engineering

Specialized Engineering

Our engineering team is highly specialized in various web and mobile technologies. We've built it all—from websites that have scaled to millions of users to quick applications to make our lives easier. Our strong suit is building fully integrated tech stacks that service new or existing software projects.

Marketing + Branding Specialists

Marketing Experts

Our marketing team helps drive sales and build business through creative brand identity ideation and execution. We offer tailored earned, owned, and paid channel strategies and compelling content creation to reach the right audiences in the right way at the right price-point.

Evolving Partners

Evolving Partners

Businesses and organizations partner with us so they can easily meet their evolving technical, sales, and marketing needs. Our wide-ranging capabilities help our clients build sustainable products, promote their achievements to the correct audiences, and reduce overall technical debt.

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Core Team

Chris Page
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Chris oversees the strategic direction and engineering teams of Nearby Creative, anchored by two decades of software engineering and managerial experience. He served as Senior Lead Engineer in New York-based companies, where he offered ground floor engineering and management duties for angel- and venture-backed startups, as well as technical work supporting initiatives of over 100 household names.

Tim Colbert
Chief Executive Officer

Tim offers decades of experience in marketing strategy, public relations campaigns to support conversions, and media interest in client projects. From his time at a leading New York-based global agency, Tim has worked in strategic communications and planning with numerous Fortune 500 companies with specialties including media, strategic communications, video production, product launches, and event planning.

Andrew Gordon
Creative Director

Andrew drives the information architecture, messaging, and the big picture vision of web and interactive design projects, and oversees the visual design, language and style portions of brand design. He also teaches messaging and communication design at his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University, from which he holds a master’s degree in professional writing.

Elijah Carrington
Chief Innovation Officer

Elijah focuses on the internal vision and strategy relative to expansion, value, and business development of Nearby Creative. He supports client-facing teams through user interface/user experience design (UI/UX), brand development, design thinking consultations, and front-end engineering for technical projects. He has a passion for teaching himself, and others, new things.

Erik Thomas
Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Erik develops and supports website and mobile applications using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Javascript, and React Native. He provides a specialization in data manipulation, LAMP environments, responsivity and animation through vanilla JS, optimizing site performance and queries, and producing dynamic websites and mobile applications with highly customized back-end functionality and dashboards.

Noor Alsabahi
Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Noor has a strong technical background and experience with full-stack web and mobile development. She works to design and integrate web and mobile applications using HTML, CSS jQuery, Ajax, PHP, JavaScript and countless other tools, as well as skills and a special passion for artificial intelligence (AI). Noor speaks 5 languages and volunteers teaching web technologies as well as Arabic and Turkish at a local library.

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We help businesses and organizations showcase what they do, and amplify their brands. With a full complement of creative, technical, and interactive capabilities, we create unique experiences for our partners to engage their respective audiences and stakeholders, here in Pittsburgh and beyond.

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